Power In Numbers

National Buying Power

When customers see the National Buying Power logo,
they know they are working with a lumberyard that buys competitively on a national level while bringing local expertise to their communities.

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What is National Buying Power?

LBM Advantage creates National Buying Power by combining the multi-billion dollar purchasing power of its members. As a result, members enjoy a distinct competitive advantage in their marketplaces. 

We serve independent lumberyards that support their communities with excellence and professionalism.


What is a Cooperative?

A cooperative is a member-owned business organization that provides services on a non-profit basis to its shareholders.

LBM Advantage employees are experts in their fields and provide purchasing advice to their members based on market conditions and product availability. This “buying group” is a collection of lumber yards that combine their purchasing power to gain a competitive advantage when competing with regional and national chains.

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